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Are you visiting the Netherlands? Then you have come to the right place! FlevoBirdwatching is an offer for those who don't want to waste any time searching for the best birding sites. Experience FlevoBirdwatching on guided daytrips.

Checklists of our recent tours:
08-04-2008  daytour 78 species: Smew
03-04-2008  halfday tour 55 species: Spotted Redshank

03-04-2008  2 hour hike 51 species: Bluethroat

02-04-2008  halfday tour 69 species: Bluethroat

17-03-2008  daytour 53 species: Black Woodpecker

15-03-2008  daytour 70 species: Red-crested Pochard

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We specialize in arranging birdwatching trips for visitors to Netherlands capital city, Amsterdam. Did you know you can see White Tailed Eagle, and Eurasian Spoonbill in nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen only a 35 minutes train ride from Amsterdam?

See Movies of the Oostvaardersplassen

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, for business or pleasure, and would like an escorted trip to top birding sites in the Netherlands then please browse through our website to see what we can offer.
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See what our clients say:

"FlevoBirdwatching is just what I have  been  looking for"  Susan, USA

"My total species count was 81 with 50 lifers, I througlhly enjoyed the whole day " Gail, Canada

"I enjoyed the day tour so much that I booked another half day" Jacquie, USA

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Bluethroat, picture: Richard Diepstraten (c)


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Pictures on this website: Ivan Miksik and Richard Diepstraten ,picture White Tailed Eagles, Staatsbosbeheer