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Nightjar evening field trip,

Usually birding is best in the morning. But we also offer an evening field trip. The main goal of our evening field trips is to find the Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus). This species is getting rare in the North West of Europe. But we know where to find them.

The depart will be from a train station close to Amsterdam. The time of departure depends on your personal wishes and the time of sunset. We will drive for around 1 hour to the eastern part of the Netherlands. We will search for the Nightjar for around 2 hours. A very relaxing and exiting event to end the day !

We will serve  coffee, tea.

Practical information
Duration: around 3-4 hours, depends on sunset ,weather, sightnings, and personal wishes. This tour is available from june untill half august.

Depart and return time: usually around 20:00 until 23:30, but variable(personal wishes, sunset, sightnings and weather)

Where we meet: When travelling with your own (rental) car, we will meet at a convienient place near the highway. When coming with public transport we will meet at a train station close to Amsterdam.

1 person:  90
2 persons: 45 per person
3 persons: 35 per person
4 persons: 30 per person
+7 persons: ask our rates

Click here for an overview of all our rates/tours/transfers

What is included: beer, wine, coffee, tea, drinks, snacks as much as you like, a handy checklist of the birds of the area, the use of a high end spottingscope, transfers to and from a train station close to Amsterdam.

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Private tours: All our birding tours are private tours. The evening schedule can be customized to your wishes. Occasionally it is possible that more parties have booked a tour at the same date. In that case we try to combine these birding tours and give you discount of 25%.

Please contact us to plan a guided birding tour to the Netherlands.

Important: read about liability and insurance.

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