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Birdwatching day tour in the Oostvaardersplassen & visit to Naturepark Lelystad,

The route and time of departure depends on recent sigthings, weather, and time of year.  The day tour will be around the Oostvaardersplassen with many stops along the way. 
In the afternoon we will visit Nature Park Lelystad. This is a park where you can find the big mammals of europe in captivity:  Pare Davids Deer, European Bison, Przewalskii Horse, European Otter, Elk, Red Deer, European Beaver and Wild Boar. White Storks are breeding in the park.

Practical information
Duration: 5-6 hours Oostvaardersplassen, 2 hours Nature Park Lelystad, hours are variable depends on season,weather, personal wishes and sightnings,

Depart and return time: usually around 8:00 until 16:00, but variable(personal wishes, season, sightnings and weather)

Where we meet: When travelling with your own (rental) car, we will meet at a convienient place near the highway between Amsterdam and Almere. When coming with public transport we will meet at a convenient train station close to the nature reserve.

1 person:  110
2 persons: 55 per person
3 persons: 45 per person
4 persons: 50 per person (2 cars)
5 persons: 45 per person (2 cars)
6 persons: 37,50 per person (2 cars)
7 persons: 37,50 per person (minibus)
+7 persons: ask for our rates

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Lunch: Since there is no facility to buy a lunch in the nature reserve we offer a optional lunch of bread and soup for 7,50 euro per person.

What is included: coffee, tea, drinks, snacks as much as you like, a handy checklist of the birds of the Oostvaardersplassen, the use of a high end spottingscope, transfers from the nearby train station.

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