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Rolf is a friendly birding guide who lives close to Berlin. Berlin offers surprisingly good birding. So it a great place to combine a city trip with a birding excursion.
In the North-West direction outside Berlin you can find  the only breeding population of the Great Bustard in Germany. When you want to observe the Great Bustard you will have to visit Berlin in april or may.

During migration time there are many eurasian Cranes present in the area of Berlin. The migration of the Cranes is best observed from august untill november. When you want to see breeding and mating behaviour of the Cranes then the best period is april or may. 
Kraanvogels nabij Berlijn

Other species that can be observed during the Berlin birdwatching tours are:
Trush Nightingale,
Black Stork,
Ortolan Bunting,
Corn Bunting,
Middle Spotted Woodpecker
White-tailed Eagle,
Little Bittern,
Red-necked Grebe,
Black-necked Grebe,
Lesser Spotted Eagle,
Hobby en
Black Woodpecker

There are two possible birding tours:

Berlin Birding Daytour Havelland: The excursion area is North-West of Berlin. During migration it is possible to see thousands of Eurasian Cranes.  Other possible species are Whooper and Bewick's Swan, Ortolan Bunting, Corn Bunting, White-tailed Eagle and Osprey.  The Great Bustard is spotted frequently.  During the excursion encounters with Beaver and Eurasian Otter are possible.

Berlin Birding Daytour Uckermark: Rolf will take you north of Berlin. Target species are Lesser Spotted Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Black Stork, Hobby,  Trush Nightingale, Wryneck and during migration thousands of Eurasian Cranes. Also many different species of Geese and Ducks can be seen.

Your guide:
Rolf is a birding guide with great knowledge of the nature reserves around Berlin. He enjoys it to guide people and show them the 'other' Berlin. 

Variable,  depends on your pick-up location. Please send an email for exact rates. Around € 72,50 per person (with 2 persons) for a day tour.  Half day tours are also possible.

Email us for more information:

More than 3 hours of mp3 birdsounds of the European birds for free when you book a Berlin birdwatching tour with FlevoBirdwatching.

Testimonial Kim and Sean, UK:
"Rolf guided us around Prenzlau / Furstenberg. It was a truly remarkable and memorable day for us. We both found Rolf to be a most charming and knowledgeable guide. Rolf was energetic and conscientious in making sure that we had the day we wanted and made sure that we saw lots of birds. In fact, we saw 16 species that we had never seen before at all, and many others that we had seen only once or twice in the UK. I don't know what was best, the Lesser Spotted Eagle, or the Storks, or the Icterine Warblers, or the Black Kites, or the Red Necked Grebes, or ... the list goes on. For us, it was amazing to be surrounded by Cuckoos, calling and flying; and to see Cranes drifting across the sky. And to be sat having lunch watching a Serin on the roof-top just across the road; and to see an Eagle mobbed by a Crow that looked tiny by comparison ... I could go on. We had a day full of fantastic encounters with birds, all in a lovely setting. That we had such a fantastic day is down to Rolf, who was a fantastic guide. We can't imagine a more helpful, friendly, guide."

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