Flevo Birdwatching Nederlandse versie

Birdwatching on the Island of Texel,

Texel is an island in the north of the Netherlands. It is the biggest island of the Wadden Archipelago.
Texel a hotspot for birders in Europe. it is a famous resting place during the migration season but the island also welcomes lots of breeding birds such as Terns, Gulls, Godwits, Oystercatchers, Redshanks, Greylag geese, etc. In Winter, Texel is known for being a safe reserve for thousands of Brent geese. The numbers and the variety of waders and other birds which can be seen here at the intertidal mudflats and on migration are impressive.

The total number of bird species seen on one day tour can be over 90 species.

Texel is really a birdwatching paradise and is almost entirely run as an ornithological reserve and natural park. Here you can see an undescribable quantity of seabirds while the flights of wild geese obscure the sky and fields. There are beaches, new and old dunes, heaths, wetlands of all types, and extensive mudflats on the Waddensea.  


wood sandpiper

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