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Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Crested Tit, Nutcracker, thousands of overwintering geese (mostly Pink-footed and White-fronted), breeding Bluethroats, a chance sighting of the elusive Black Woodpecker, and even a huge parakeet roost right in the centre of Brussels; these are just some of the birding highlights that Belgium has to offer. Whether visiting Belgium on vacation, just passing through with only a couple of hours to spare, or even a local curious to know more about the birds on your doorstep, hire an experienced guide to help you make the most of your time and show you the birds and other wildlife in some of Belgium's most beautiful places. From complete beginners simply wanting to see birds in the parks of Brussels to serious birders targeting a particular species, walks can be tailor-made to suit all tastes and levels of experience.  
Middle spotted woodpecker, Brussels, Belgium

Brussel Tour 1: Sonian Forest, Brussels Particularly suitable for those with just a few hours to spare, this extensive forest has Short-toed Treecreeper, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Crested Tit, numerous Marsh Tits with the occasional Willow Tit, Mandarin Duck, Firecrest (mainly autumn), Redwing (winter) and Brambling (winter). Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Brussel Tour 2: La Hulpe Castle, near Brussels With much the same birds as Walk 1 above, this walk alternates between the surrounding forest and the castle's picturesque grounds containing several lakes. Various waterbirds can also be seen, therefore, and we may be lucky enough to find the elusive Hawfinch. Duration: 3 to 4 hours .

Mechelen Birding Tour: Mechelen, between Brussels and Antwerp A nice little nature reserve with varied habitats, this is the closest place to Brussels with a good range of species. Expect 30-40 species in winter, rising to 60+ in late spring. Typical species include Bluethroat (best seen in April/May), Marsh Warbler (summer), Lapwing, Shelduck, White Stork and Kingfisher, with concentrated songbird migration in the autumn. Duration: 3 to 5 hours, depending on the route taken

Heathlands Birding Tour: Heathlands on the Dutch border, north of Antwerp Easily the most beautiful nature reserve in Belgium, containing extensive heathland dotted with forest, bogs and lakes. Breeding Bluethroat, Stonechat, Hobby, Tree Pipit and Mediterranean Gull are all easily observed, with Goshawk and Black Woodpecker sometimes seen in flight. This is also an excellent place to watch dragonflies and butterflies. Duration: minimum 5 hours (from Brussels)

The Belgium Coast: Belgian coast, Numerous locations all along the coast offer something different at all times of year, such as Crested Lark, Garganey (summer), breeding Black-tailed Godwit and other waders, seabird migration, and polders full of geese in winter. Exact destination varies depending on the season. Duration: minimum 4 hours although a full day is recommended

The Reuland plateau: Reuland plateau, Ardennes This hike crosses some beautiful countryside and is also the best place in Belgium to see Nutcracker. Other birds of interest include Crested Tit, Eurasian Treecreeper, Fieldfare, Great Grey Shrike (winter) and occasional Red Kite. THIS IS A STRENUOUS 16-KM HIKE WHICH TAKES ALL DAY AND IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR THE PHYSICALLY FIT. Duration: full day (ca. 12 hours including train journey, which takes around 3 hours from Brussels)

Your Guide:
Growing up in the south of England, I became interested in birds at a very early age, starting with those in my parents' garden. Since then, I have lived in Yorkshire, the south of France, Germany and The Netherlands before settling in Brussels, and have birded extensively throughout most of Europe. In 1998, I birded the whole of Europe by train, visiting 20 countries in just 45 days and seeing 215 species, from Azure-winged Magpie in the Algarve to Long-tailed Skua in Lapland. An article recounting this epic journey was subsequently published in Birdwatching Magazine. I also spent a considerable amount of time in and around San Francisco, as well as birding in Texas, South Dakota, New York, New Jersey, Mexico, Costa Rica and Australia. I have taken part in two raptor migration surveys in the northern valleys of Israel, one in central Veracruz, and have recently returned from three months working as a volunteer bird guide in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Persons Brussels 1 Brussels 2 Mechelen Heathlands Coast half day Coast full day Reuland plateau
Hours: 3 4 3-5 5-6 4 8 12
1 € 85 € 85 € 100 € 100 € 85 € 150 € 180
2 € 52,50 € 52,50 € 60 € 60 € 52,50 € 85 € 100
3 € 41,67 € 41,67 € 46,67 € 46,67 € 41,67 € 63,33 € 73,33
4 € 36,25 € 36,25 € 40 € 40 € 36,25 € 52,50 € 60
5 € 33 € 33 € 36 € 36 € 33 € 46 € 52
6 € 30,83 € 30,83 € 33,33 € 33,33 € 30,83 € 41,67 € 46,67
7 € 29,29 € 29,29 € 31,43 € 31,43 € 29,29 € 38,57 € 42,86
8 € 28,12 € 28,12 € 30 € 30 € 28,12 € 36,25 € 40

The rates include public transport.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK A BRUSSELS BIRDING TOUR: Please note that you will receive more than 3 hours of mp3 birdsounds of the European birds fore free when you book a guided birding trip with Stephen through FlevoBirdwatching.


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