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We can offer you other possibilities to go birdwatching in the Netherlands, or arrange accommodation. Just tell us your plans and wishes ! FlevoBirdwatching specialises in customised birdwatching tours within the Netherlands. Our focus is to provide you with the most rewarding birding experience possible - whether you wish to see numerous species at a faster pace or fewer species at a gentler pace, we are here to arrange a tour that suits you.

Target Birding
Target birding comes in various forms and is usually a matter of degree.  It's important for us to get a feel for your expectations. Since we have been doing this a long time,we can usually recognize this from your target list and our communications. However, it rarely pays to be vague so be as explicit as possible. Please let us know your style ahead of time so we can plan accordingly. Obviously, it's possible to get more done in a given amount of time in "tick and run" mode whereas "look and learn" is slower. Either way is okay with us. Also, in terms of night birds, let us know if a "heard only" is acceptable for certain species. This does not mean that we won't try to see such species.

When making your list, please be sure to include absolutely everything that you would like to see.  Sometimes when we are in the field we hear too late: "oh, I didn't mention it because I didn't think we'd see it". It's our job to sort your list into reality and fantasy. We are not going to waste time on low percentage birds, but we may just know where your impossible bird is hanging out. Another reason for us to know about every bird is that when target birding, We become very focused and "filter out" non-target species. Therefore, if we don't know about it we could very well pass it by. Yet another reason to include all potential species is that, in many cases, one or two additional target birds in the mix may change the planned route significantly.
Rates for Target Birding depends on the planned route.

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